Mount Bromo is a part of the National Park of Bromo Tengger Semeru. It is located in East Java. This place is a destination that is loved by foreign and domestic tourists. It has the natural characteristics that are wonderful, the extensive sand, the fresh air, and the cold weather. Those are what make many visitors like to visit Bromo Mount. This is a famous tourist object you can visit. It has a beautiful view. You also can enjoy the amazing sunrise in the morning. Many tourists come to this place in the early morning to see the beautiful sunrise.

Mount Bromo has been completed with good facilities. For example there are homestays, hotels, some restaurants, souvenir shops, and good transportation so it makes the visitors can reach this place easily. To visit Mount Bromo, you can choose where you would like to enter. There are four places you can choose, those are Comorolawang Village, Wonokitri Village, Ngadas Tumpang Village, and Burno Village.

Mount Bromo has a height of 2.392 meters. From the top of the mountain, the visitors can enjoy the sunrise and also see the beautiful view of some mountains like Semeru Mount, Bromo Mount, and Batok Mount. Commonly, the visitors reach the top of the mountain by taking the Jeep Car. However, there are some visitors who go to the top of the mountain on foot. Of course, the area that is passed is in hard condition.

If you want to see the beautiful sunrise, you can start to go at four o’clock in the morning. This time is for you who are in the hotel near the Cemoro Lawang. The exhausting feeling because having the long journey to go to the top of the mountain will be lost when you see the amazing view from the top. Then, if you are lucky, you will see a nice sunrise. Enjoying the beautiful sunrise while drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee will make you comfortable so much. This situation will never happen before.

If you have been satisfied to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, you can continue your trip to the foot of the mount. There is still another beautiful view you can enjoy besides the beautiful sunrise. You also can enjoy the beautiful view of the around. The fresh air will make you feel so comfortable. You can have a vacation to Mount Bromo with some friends or your family.

It will be a nice vacation if you decide to come to Mount Bromo. This place has become a tourist destination that is chosen by many people. They chose this tourism object because it is very suitable for people who love the amazing natural view. How about you? Are you interested in choosing Mount Bromo as your option? Don’t say you ever come to East Java if you have never gone to Mount Bromo. Absolutely, you will not be disappointed to come to this place. You can enjoy some wonderful views. The great and excellent view you can see is the beautiful sunrise.