Have you ever trying to do a trip to exotic places in Africa? Africa has so many countries with amazing nature view and the warm atmosphere of the environment. You can enjoy more sun shines in many countries  in Africa. And that’s great thing that you can enjoy your holiday. Have you ever heard about a city called Marrakech in Morocco? Well, this city is one of the four largest cities in Morocco. This city is famous as the tourist favorite place to visit. This city has so many interesting place that you should visit once you have a chance to visit the city. Anyway, it’s a good idea to know about the places first, right? This article will tell you about one of the interesting places in Marrakech that you need to write down in your tour plan.

The interesting place in Marrakech that we’ll talk about is called Jardin Majorelle. This place is a garden with a museum that located in the garden. This place located in cnr Aves Yacoub el-Mansour & Moulay Abdullah. You need to pay Dh50 for visiting the garden and Dh25 for visiting the museum. The thing that you need to remember the most about this place is the time to visit. You can’t visit the place all the time in a year. This place will only open in summer and winter. In summer, this place will be opened at 8 am until 6 pm. In winter, this place will be opened at 8 am until 5.30 pm. So, you need to look at the calendar properly and try to make a plan with the times or periods to visit. In that way, you’ll not forget about this issue and you can enjoy the trip to Jardin Majorelle.

Now, let’s talk about the garden. The garden in Jardin Majorelle has more than 300 plants species from five continents. This place has been opened for public since 1964. The one that opened this place is Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. They bought the electric-blue villa with its beautiful garden. This former owner of this place is a painter called Majorelle. He has this great place with a beautiful garden. Saint Laurent thinks that it’ll be such a waste to keep the garden and the villa from public. That’s why he opened for public after he bought the villa. And now it becomes the pride of Marrakech.

Now, let’s talk about the museum. The museum in Jardin Majorelle is called Barber Art Museum. It’s an art-deco studio that has more than 600 collections of artifacts. Those artifacts were made from wood and metal. There are also some carpets and textiles. The interesting artifacts in the museum are the musical instruments and the traditional dresses of Marrakech. You can see the culture of the Marrakech in this place. You’ll find yourself amaze with the interesting and amazing work of art from the people in the past. The last thing is that this place has a souvenir shop too. You can buy slippers, perfume, and other things that made by the locals. You will see the ethnic arts from those souvenirs.