Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoWhy the blue color on Chefchaouen City?
Gorg asked 4 months ago
For those curious, I would like to know why the color is blue in Chefchaouen
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khalid Staff answered 4 months ago

Why the blue color on Chefchaouen City?

Ah, the Blue City of Chefchaouen, my favorite small town in Morocco! Legend has it that ages ago, Jewish settlers strolled into Chefchaouen and started the trend of painting these buildings in the dreamiest blues imaginable. For them, blue wasn't just a color—it was like bringing a piece of the sky or heaven down to Earth.

And get this—there's a twist to that blue paint tale. It wasn't just about making things look pretty; word has it that the blue hue was a sneaky trick to keep those annoying mosquitoes far, far away. They used some natural bug repellent in the paint, making those blue walls both charming and smart!

These blue-washed buildings are the heart and soul of Chefchaouen, drawing in crowds who want to wander through streets drenched in calming blues. It's like stepping into a serene, picture-perfect dreamland for anyone visiting.

Nokis answered 2 months ago

Hi there!

The blue color of Chefchaouen City in Morocco is actually a fascinating story rooted in tradition and culture. Locals believe that painting the buildings blue helps to repel mosquitoes, while others say it symbolizes the sky and heaven, promoting a sense of spirituality.