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Messina is a port city in northeastern Sicily, separated from mainland Italy by the Messina River. It is famous for the Norman Cathedral of Messina, with its Gothic portal, 15th-century windows, and an astronomical clock on the bell tower. Nearby are marble fountains decorated with mythological figures, which are topped by a statue of the sea god.

Destroyed by a terrible earthquake. Since then she has been rebuilt, twice. The new Messina is a spacious city with straight, rectangular cutting streets, protected in the harbor by a sickle-shaped peninsula. It is now around 200,000 souls for countless residents of Messina and its suburbs.It is the fate of Messina as the only transfer location. The tourists land by boat from the Reggio Calabria and rush to get away as quickly as possible, for other purposes - Taormina. Yet there are some buildings in Messina that deserve our attention, especially in the northern part of the city along the coast: the Duomo, the church of the Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani and the Museo Nazionale.

Although the Duomo was repeatedly destroyed, it still shows its medieval form. It is all for suppression, a very successful example of the many Reconstructions in different countries after the Second World War. The original church dates from the 12th century; Rogier II had them built. In 1197 she was dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the presence of Emperor Henry VI. The Duomo was destroyed in 1908 by the earthquake, rebuilt and destroyed again in 1943 by aerial bombs and reconstruction. Now he is born there for the third time in his old Norman guise. Of the many additions from later times, only the beautiful portals from the 15th and 16th century have been rebuilt: three portals in the facade and two portals on each side wall. The Duomo, a tall and solid building, dominates the entire cityscape.

Why is the Messina famous?

In Messina, there are two of the oldest and most important sanctuaries in Italy, dedicated to the mother of Jesus Christ. The first is the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montalto.