Travel QuestionsCategory: BelgiumWhich city of Belgium is most beautiful?
Lois asked 6 months ago

Hey! While planning my visit to Belgium, I'm curious to know: which city stands out as the most beautiful in Belgium? I'd love to explore the stunning sights and charm of a city that captures the essence of Belgium's beauty. Any recommendations? Thanks a bunch!

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khalid Staff answered 6 months ago

Which city of Belgium is most beautiful?

Hi there!

Belgium is packed with some seriously gorgeous cities! If you're seeking sheer beauty, Bruges is a showstopper. It's like stepping into a medieval fairytale with its ancient buildings, cobblestone streets, and dreamy canals.

Ghent is another stunner! It's got that same medieval vibe but with a more lively, artistic scene. And of course, Brussels, as the capital, blends history with a modern twist.

Each city has its own unique beauty, but for that old-world charm, Bruges tends to be everyone's favorite.

Enjoy your exploration of Belgium's breathtaking cities!