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Rachid asked 2 months ago

Hey there,

I hope you're doing well! I'm planning a visit to the vibrant Medina of Marrakech and I'm seeking some guidance on parking options in the area. Marrakech's Medina isn't exactly known for its spacious parking lots and clear signage. It's more of a delightful maze of streets and alleys bustling with life. So, naturally, I'm a tad worried about finding a safe spot for my vehicle. Thanks!

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khalid Staff answered 2 months ago

Where to park in medina Marrakech

Hey Rachid,

Thanks for reaching out! Exciting to hear about your trip to Marrakech's Medina! Parking can indeed be a bit tricky there, but fear not, I've got some tips for you. Your best bet is to look for public parking areas near the Medina's entrances. These are usually guarded and offer safer options for leaving your vehicle. Once you're parked, it's all about exploring on foot!

**Here is my last spot where I parked near Jemaa el Fna:**

J2G4+6XV, Rue Fatima Zahra, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Enjoy getting lost in the vibrant streets and alleys. Safe travels!