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Gustavo asked 8 months ago

Hello all,

I'm super excited about planning this desert adventure around Marrakech and I could really use your help! I'd like to dive into the beauty of the Sahara or maybe even explore the Atlas Mountains with some great fellow travelers. Does anyone have any ideas about reliable tour operators or agencies in Marrakech that offer shared desert tours? I'm looking for a tour that is not so expensive, but still provides that authentic, immersive cultural experience.

I really like the idea of tours that start from Marrakech and include cool things like camel rides, overnight stays in Berber camps, and the chance to hang out with locals.

Thanks in advance for sharing your suggestions!

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khalid Staff answered 8 months ago

Looking to join a shared desert tour from Marrakech?

Hey, Sure thing! Shoot a message to Icho on WhatsApp at +212601659383. We're gearing up to launch our shared trips real soon, but in the meantime, Icho's got you covered. Get in touch with him to book your desert adventure until our tours officially roll out.

On Desert Morocco Adventure you can join a shared Marrakech Desert Tours via this link: Shared Desert Tours from Marrakech


icho answered 8 months ago

Where I can join Shared Marrakech Desert Tours

Hey there! Want to join my desert trip? It's easy—just send me on WhatsApp:+212601659383! I've got a shared desert tour happening every week, so there's always an adventure waiting for you.

Yassin answered 8 months ago

Shared Marrakech Desert Tours

If you're on a budget, shared tours from Marrakech are a great way to explore the desert. You can easily send an email to Desert Morocco Adventure via the contact forum. I'm sure they'll sort it out for you

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