Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoWhere i can find a shisha bar in Marrakech?
Lemon asked 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone! Im planning a trip to Marrakech soon and would love your recommendations on where to find the best shisha bars. Any local favorites or must-visit spots for a great atmosphere and quality shisha? Thanks in advance!

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khalid Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Where i can find a shisha bar in Marrakech?

Hey there, Lemon!

You are in for an exciting adventure in Marrakech. When it comes to shisha bars, you will find no shortage of cool places to chill out. Here are some top suggestions:

Café Clock: Tucked away in the Medina, this spot blends Moroccan tradition with a modern, artsy vibe. They serve great shisha and have live music events!

Café Arabe: Also in the Medina, it is known for its chic rooftop terrace and laid-back ambiance. They offer different flavors of shisha, so it is a fantastic place to unwind after a day of exploring.

Dar Anika Rooftop: Overlooking the city, this spot provides a mesmerizing view and a peaceful atmosphere for your shisha session. The staff is super friendly too.

Gueliz and Hivernage Areas: If you prefer a more modern feel, head to these neighborhoods for trendy lounges and upscale bars that offer shisha with a twist of luxury.

Feel free to ask if you need more details or any other recommendations while yoU are there! Enjoy your trip and happy puffing!

Rachid answered 3 weeks ago

Where i can find a Hookah Bar in Marrakech?

Hi Lemon!

Marrakech is a great choice! For hookah Bars & Lounges, here are some fantastic places you should check out:

Lotus Club: For something upscale, this club in the Hivernage neighborhood features an exciting mix of live entertainment and hookah flavors.

Sky Lounge: If you love a good view, the rooftop at Sky Lounge gives you a relaxed environment with excellent shisha and delicious cocktails.

Enjoy your trip to Marrakech, and may your shisha sessions be memorable!