QuestionsCategory: MoroccoWhere can I find 4×4 parts and accessories in Morocco?
Tliman asked 6 days ago

I have a Toyota Prado and was wondering where I can find a shop in Marrakesh that sells 4WD parts and accessories, or a custom SUV. My question is where can I find the best 4x4 off-road 4x4 parts and accessories

Asif replied 6 days ago

It is better to order them online and assemble them yourself!

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swalond answered 6 days ago

Where can I find 4×4 parts and accessories in Morocco?

In Marrakesh there are mechanical workshops that specialize in 4x4 off-road adaptable vehicles. They also have all equipment of 4×4 of all brands. You can also buy parts and accessories online and assemble them yourself with the help of a mechanic.

Milon answered 6 days ago

Toyota Prado accessories in Morocco
In Marrakech and Casablanca, you can buy Toyota Prado accessories and other car parts at a low price​.

khalid Staff answered 5 days ago

4×4 parts in Morocco

At Rashid 4WD Equipment in Marrakech, you can find all the spare parts you need for Toyota 4WD vehicles.

From suspensions to adjustable shock absorbers

The 4x4 suspension is a very important part of your vehicle. Or whether you use your vehicle for off-road or just on asphalt roads, they can provide you with a solution tailored to your usage needs. They also offer a comprehensive range of suspension components for all types of 4WD vehicles. From factory-level components like shock absorbers to performance upgrades. Body lifting of your 4x4 car and installing larger tires can greatly improve the appearance and performance.

The steering system of your 4x4 vehicle is also a very important part when it comes to safe driving and comfort. The steering system play a big role and must be in top shape. You should always pay special attention to the steering system before embarking on an off-road ride, so check the steering rack, power steering, etc.