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Ivan asked 8 years ago
I travel with my wife to Fez, I need some advice. What to visit in Fez?
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Icho Ouarzazate answered 8 years ago

Morocco has a lot of fascinating locations. This state features a variety of main cities which have proved to become fascinating places to see. A lot of them produce two different components; the old town area known as the medina and the new or modern component called the Ville Nouville. These different parts of the main cities have become the principle attractions that attract many tourists annually. In Fes, its medina is currently thought to be a World Heritage site by UNESCO. While the Ville Neuville in Fes was build under French influences also it looks completely different compared to the Fez’ medina.
The Kairaouine Mosque
This holy and sacred composition is found deep within the center of the Fes’ medina. This mosque was created to accommodate about twenty thousand people in the same time. However, there is no way for one to move your feet within the Kairaouine Mosque if you don't rely on Allah and Islam. For praying function only muslim people are allowed to enter the mosque. Due to the recent renovations on this huge mosque, the non-muslim tourists can now possess a sneak peek the lovely tilework of the mosque. That means you're getting closer to the mosque site if you keep knocking your mind on the wooden beam while strolling the alley.
Fez el-Bali
The medina of Fes is much better known as the Fez el- Bali and it's also surrounded by high walls. The old area of the town seems seems to be a mysterious place with medieval environment. Because this area can be called the capital of spirits and Moroccan culture this area offers more energetic environment.
This historic city might be to huge for you really to travel alone. In order to keep you during your Fez tour about the right course, you're proposed to engage a knowledgeable and local guide that you can easily locate at your hotel or riad. To get a full day Fez tour, your local information will only cost you about 250 dirhams. As opposed to after the move of the Fez trip, you're free to determine which areas in Fes you must visit. This old part of the city is indeed huge that you can quickly get lost inside. Due to the friendly shopkeepers, you will have the ability to get back to your starting place when you get lost quicker.
The town of Fez would be a good spot to quench your shopping hunger while traveling. Whenever you arrive at the souq or leather bazaar in your community, make certain that you search for a lot of leather gifts. It could be one of the oldest bazaar in Morocco. Using a variety of changes on this Moroccan city, Fez has proved to become a more interesting place to go to.

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