Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: BelgiumWhat is the rainiest month in Belgium?
Walid asked 5 months ago

Hi! As someone eager to explore Belgium's charms, I'm curious about the weather patterns. Could you share some insights on which specific month typically experiences the highest amount of rainfall in Belgium? I'm keen to plan my visit accordingly to make the most of the trip! Thanks in advance. Warm regards.

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khalid Staff answered 5 months ago

What is the rainiest month in Belgium?


Exciting that you're diving into Belgium's awesomeness! Now, about the weather scoop – if you're not a fan of rain dances, you might want to keep an eye out in July. It tends to be the month when Belgium gets a bit shower-happy. Planning around that could help you dodge the raindrops and make the most of your adventure.

Cheers to a fantastic trip! ☔🌍