Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is the best location for hiking in Jebel Saghro?
swalond asked 1 year ago

I am traveling to Morocco and thinking of doing a hiking trip in the Atlas Mountains with my family. What is the best location for hiking in Djebel Saghro and are tours available for Djebel Saghro hikes?

hakim replied 1 year ago

The best place for hiking in Morocco is Jbel Saghro and Jbel Toubkal with an elevation of 4167 meters, which is the highest mountain in North Africa and offers many hiking spots.

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khalid Staff answered 1 year ago

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You can start your journey in Jbel Saghro from any of the first three points. Boumaine du Dades and Kelaa M'Gouna are ideal locations. You can also take off from the southern Berber village known as Nkob. There are many Moroccan travel agencies in Marrakech and different cities offering their services.

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hakim answered 1 year ago

Are there any guided tours available for Djebel Saghro hiking?

Our team organizes a multi-day trek in the Sahgro Mountains to experience the wild snowy mountains, which are truly amazing locations. You will walk through the ancient Berber tribes called Ait Atta and discover the life of the ancient nomadic Berbers who still live like their parents. Jebel Saghro is located between the High Atlas Mountains and the border with the Sahara. It is a dormant volcano south of the verdant Dades Valley in the High Atlas, dotted with eroded red plateaus.