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Daniela asked 1 month ago

Hi, I am a recent transplant to Morocco, having moved from the U.S. I've lived in several countries, and Morocco stands out for its welcoming culture, diverse cuisine, and strategic location that makes travel to Europe and Africa easy. Living in Taghazout offers a laid-back vibe with rich Islamic art and a vibrant music scene. I'm enjoying learning about the local customs and languages like Darija and French. It's a great place for creatives! What has your experience been like? I hope life has treated you very well!

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khalid Staff answered 1 month ago

What is life like in Morocco?

I live in the province of Zagora in Morocco, a place famed for its stark desert landscapes. Life here unfolds slowly, which is quite refreshing. The weather is generally sunny, perfect for outdoor activities, though we do face some challenges with water scarcity that impacts agriculture. Overall, life here is good, and I am grateful—Alhamdulillah.

I've also had the pleasure of visiting Taghazout a few times, drawn primarily by the superb surfing opportunities the region offers. Beyond the waves, the warm hospitality, diverse cuisine, and rich history have made each trip truly memorable. If you're into surfing, you might find my blog post about the best spots in Taghazout for surfing helpful. The area also boasts a fascinating mix of traditional and modern influences in its art and music scenes. How are you finding the creative community in Taghazout? Have you gotten involved in any local art projects? I hope your experiences there continue to be as enriching and inspiring as they sound!


Rachid answered 4 weeks ago

What is life like in Morocco?

In Morocco, the rhythm of life is deeply shaped by Islam, especially during the sacred month of Ramadan. While the country boasts a warm climate, the Atlas Mountains offer a stunning contrast with their annual snowfall, drawing visitors in search of breathtaking vistas. Despite its political stability, Morocco is in a period of gradual change, with reforms unfolding at their own pace.