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Lyon asked 1 year ago


I and my friends are so excited to visit the desert. We would like to book a transfer from Fez on April 10th to the Sahara desert. We would like to be picked up from our accommodation in Fes at 08:00 by an English-speaking driver/guide and take us to our accommodation in Merzouga via the river Ziz! We have already booked 2 tents with Orient Desert Camp, which will pick us up from the parking lot of Hotel Yasmina in Merzouga if we travel with a regular car instead of a 4x4 vehicle.

Please provide me with the necessary details and help me plan a safe transfer, are you available for a transfer from Fez to Merzouga and what car do you use, as we need to inform the Oriental Desert Camp on how to get there?

All advice and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you in advance,

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khalid Staff answered 1 year ago

Transfer in Fez to Merzouga Sahara Desert – Fez Transfers service


Thank you for submitting your question. I'm here to help you arrange a transfer to the desert.

How nice to hear that you and your friends are looking forward to your trip to the Sahara Desert on April 10th! If I understand correctly, you are planning to arrange a transfer from Fes to Merzouga and would like to be picked up from your accommodation in Fes at 08:00 by an English speaking driver/guide. Don't worry, I can book a transfer for you with Youssef. He is a good driver/guide and knows the way very well. You mentioned that you want to travel to your accommodation in Merzouga via Ziz River, that is the way we always take. We will drop you off at your accommodation before sunset, as this location offers a very beautiful, colorful sunset.

We will drive you to the Orient Desert Camp while using 4x4 vehicles for transportation, so there is no need to be picked up from a park in Merzouga. If you send us your reservation number for the Orient Desert Camp, we will notify them of this transfer as we work with them.

I have forwarded your question to Youssef, he will send you an availability confirmation. Please also inform him of the exact pick-up location and the number of people.

- Transfer: Fez to Orient Desert Camp via N13

- Date: April 10 at 08:00

- Vehicle: 4x4 Toyota Prado

- Driver/guide language: English

- Pick up place:...

- Number of travelers: ...

- Requirements:... (any specific requirements such as luggage space or accessibility needs.).

I hope this information helps you organize an excellent trip and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a nice trip!

Kind Regards,

Kerri answered 1 year ago

Transfer in Fez to Merzouga Sahara Desert – Fez Transfers service


On this page, you can book your 4x4 vehicle in Morocco. I wish you a great trip to Morocco!


icho answered 1 year ago

Transfer in Fez to Merzouga Sahara Desert – Fez Transfers service


If you are planning a trip to the desert from Fes and need reliable transportation, we can organize a hassle-free and comfortable trip for you. You can easily book our services online by contacting us through email or by booking your transfer online using the URL provided by Kerri.

Our transport service is available throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. We offer a variety of transportation options, including minibusses and group buses to airports and other destinations.

Our goal is to offer travelers a comfortable and convenient means of reaching their desired destination, whether it be a hotel, tourist attraction, or any other location. Our professional drivers are experienced in ensuring our customers arrive safely and on time.

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