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ke0asn3yb2qeD asked 8 months ago

Hi there! I’m planning a trip to Cyprus and I’m curious about the must-see sights and activities. What are the highlights and recommended excursions for someone visiting Cyprus for the first time?

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khalid Staff answered 8 months ago

Sights in Cyprus: What to do? Highlights + Excursions

Cyprus is a gem for first-time visitors! Start by exploring ancient ruins like Kourion or the Tombs of the Kings. Don't miss the stunning beaches along the coast, especially in places like Ayia Napa or Coral Bay. If you're into history, a trip to the divided capital, Nicosia, is a must. And for nature lovers, the Troodos Mountains offer incredible hiking trails and charming villages to explore. What kind of activities or sights are you most interested in?

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