Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: Questionsis it safe to travel to Morocco?
dmind asked 8 years ago

Hi, Can you tell me if it is safe to travel to Morocco? Thanks

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Nylah Marie answered 8 years ago

Yes, Morocco is a one of the safest place in the World. Morocco is also one of the best places for adventure tours.  We visited Morocco last 4 months ago. It was excellent and a memorable tours for us. The desert of Morocco, the Sahara Desert, has long attracted people from all over the world. We visited Morocco safely with the help of Intrepid Morocco services. We really enjoyed the Morocco tours and absolutely fell in love with the country. 

Khalid answered 8 years ago

Yes, it is safe! Morocco is known as a safe country with low crime rates, but it is best to always stay alert and stay in a safe place out of the dark places in the big cities. The country also has tourist police who do their job very well and are there for the safety of travelers. Millions of tourists come to Morocco every year to discover the most magical sights of the Land of Light. As with many tourists, there may be some price haggling or pickpocketing, but these are rare. Moroccans are generally friendly people.