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Hamid asked 8 months ago

Where is the best to park a car in Marrakech?

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khalid Staff answered 8 months ago

Parking in Marrakech: Where to park the car in Marrakech?

Finding a parking space in Marrakech can be a bit tricky due to the city's busy streets, especially in the old part of the city. You can park on the street. There is always a parking attendant who will guard your car and help you park in busy streets for a few Dirhams. In many parking lots, you are not covered in the event of theft. So it is advisable to be careful about where you park and ensure the safety of your vehicle.

There are also public parking lots around the city, such as the parking garage at Djemaa el Fna Square. These parking lots charge hourly or daily rates if you do not have a subscription.

If you have rented an apartment, you can, as usual in Morocco, park next to your home (the concierge guards the car, but this is at your own risk. Do not expect insurance coverage if something happens). If you happen to be staying in a hotel or riad, be sure to ask them as many properties often have guest parking. Some may have their own parking lot or partner with nearby garages.

Lotfi answered 5 months ago

Parking in Marrakech

You can park your car almost anywhere in Marrakech, but is it safe? No, there is no guarantee! Although there are security guards on the streets where parking is available, there is a catch: even in supposedly free areas you can unexpectedly buy a spot.

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