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Graz is the capital of the southern Austrian province of Styria, the second largest state in Austria, and consists of an old medieval city. Shops line the surrounding narrow streets, combining Renaissance and Baroque architecture. A funicular leads up the Schlossberg, the town's hill, to the 13th-century Uhrturm clock tower. If you travel to Austria, you should definitely visit Graz to discover its beautiful sights.

Below we show you why Graz is worth a visit and what you can see there once you get there.
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Is Graz Worth Visiting?

Vibrant Graz is the capital of Styria, the green flag in the southeast of the country. The historic center of the city has a modern side and the old side, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010, is surrounded by the walls of the Mur. The River Mur flows through the center and there is also an array of wildflowers dotted around the surrounding countryside. The city was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2003. The surrounding mountains and hills are known for hiking and adventure activities. As the main hills of the Alps rise north of Graz and the cold wind blows, it offers beautiful views.

The Schlossberg is located in the center of Graz. It is easily accessible by lift and through a large tunnel under the mountain. Rising 473 meters above sea level, the Schlossberg is a tree-covered hill. The hill is now a public park where you can enjoy a nice walk. At the top, it offers a wide panoramic view of the city. It is the location of several entertainment venues and restaurants. It also hosts the Elevate Festival, a contemporary music festival, every year.

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