Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: Belgiumis Ghent worth a visit?
Imane asked 7 months ago

is Ghent worth a visit?

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khalid Staff answered 7 months ago

is Ghent worth a visit?

Yes, Ghent is definitely worth a visit and should not be missed during your trip to Belgium! If you are looking for a day trip, Ghent is definitely worth considering. This historic city features beautiful medieval architecture and picturesque canals that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Ghent is also less touristy and is an ideal destination for shopping or a cultural city trip.

The nearby municipalities such as Wachtebeke are also worth a visit, especially for enthusiasts of walking or cycling.

Kami answered 7 months ago

Is Ghent worth a visit?

Absolutely! Ghent is a  charming old city to visit! Ghent exudes an atmosphere of positivity and good vibes. The canals are gorgeous, and places like Gravensteen Castle are straight out of a fairy tale. Plus, the art at Saint Bavo's Cathedral is something else. The city is buzzing with culture, great food, and a very friendly atmosphere. Yeah, Ghent should definitely be on your list if you are traveling to Belgium.