Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoHow to find an apartment in Marrakech?
loim asked 2 months ago

Hello there! I'm currently planning a weekend getaway to Marrakech with a group of friends from Casablanca, and we're in search of the perfect apartment. Since we're planning to explore the nightlife, we're looking for accommodations that offer flexibility and are located in a neighborhood with a vibrant atmosphere. Any tips or suggestions on how to find such a place?

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khalid Staff answered 2 months ago

How to find an apartment in Marrakech?

Hey there! How exciting to hear about your Marrakech trip! Since you're all about chilling and partying, I'd skip Airbnb and Instead, consider reaching out to a real estate broker for personalized recommendations in lively neighborhoods. They know the ins and outs, ensuring you're in the heart of the action. Can't find one? Shoot us a message, and we'll connect you with a trusted realtor we know.

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