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Kamro asked 1 month ago

Hi everyone,

I’m planning a trip to Marrakech next month and I’ve heard amazing things about the quad bike and camel rides available there. I’m really excited to experience both the thrill of quad biking through the desert and the serene, traditional camel rides.

Can anyone guide me on how to book these activities? Are there reputable companies or tour operators that you recommend? Is it better to book in advance online or can I find good deals once I arrive in Marrakech? Also, any tips on what to expect or what to bring along for these adventures would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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khalid Staff answered 4 weeks ago

How to book the quad bike and camel rides in Marrakech?

Hi Kamro,
Thank you for asking! On our tours page, we offer quad biking, camel riding, and dining with a show in the Agafay desert. However, we currently don't have a trip that includes just quad biking and camel riding. Our team believes it's better to enjoy these activities in the Agafay desert rather than in Marrakech's Palmeraie. However, we're considering adding such a tour, as it's been a topic of discussion within our team.
For booking [quad bike and camel rides in Marrakech](/?p=44688) , it's better to book online in advance. For a hassle-free experience, feel free to contact our team via email .
We'll be happy to arrange everything for you. Best,

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