Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoHow much costs a hot air balloon in Marrakech?
Lomind asked 2 months ago


Does anyone happen to know the cost of a hot air balloon ride in Marrakech?


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khalid Staff answered 2 months ago

How much costs a hot air balloon in Marrakech?

A hot air balloon ride in Marrakesh at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains can cost between €160 and €260 depending on whether you only book the flight or want to add extras such as a VIP option. The price usually includes welcome tea, flight certificate, pick-up from your accommodation in Marrakesh, and drop-up.

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Kerri answered 1 month ago

Hot air balloon flight from Marrakech

A hot air balloon ride in Marrakech costs €160 and €260. It's an opportunity to see Marrakech and its surroundings from a perspective beyond your wildest dreams. It is a moment of peace and beauty that you will not find anywhere else in the world. So if you are in Marrakech, don't miss this chance to fly high and experience the magic of Morocco from the air.

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