Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoHow much cost Atv & Quad Bike in desert?
Ketisa asked 7 months ago
How much cost Atv & Quad Bike in desert?
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khalid Staff answered 7 months ago

How much cost Atv & Quad Bike in desert?

The cost of renting an ATV or quad bike in the desert can vary depending on several factors: it's all about where you are, how long you want it for, and the type of ride you want to do. In the Moroccan desert, you can expect prices from around $40 to $200 for a few hours of fun. They offer tours or extra benefits that can adjust the cost a bit. Talk to the local rental to find out exactly what you're looking for and what it will cost you. They inform you about the prices and all the fun things they have to offer!

Sehab answered 5 months ago

For a 1-hour tour, the pricing typically ranges from 50 &100 Euro. This includes the rental of the ATV or Quad Bike, safety gear, and a guided tour through the stunning Desert landscapes.

Xaser answered 5 months ago


I am happy to help you with information about ATV or Quad prices in the Merzouga desert. The cost is $60 to $110 but may vary depending on the type of ATV you like and any additional services you may be interested in.

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