Morocco Travel QuestionsHow many days to spend in Marrakech, Morocco?
Lianmi asked 1 year ago

Hi! I will be in Morocco for about 11 days. Well, we came by plane from Belgium and we were interested in seeing tourist sites in Marrakech and the Sahara. We have already booked a desert tour for the last 3 days - we have 8 days left for the 2 cities we want to visit. My question is how long would you advise us to stay in Marrakech? We are not a big fan of big cities, but we can probably explore the cities, enjoy some relaxing activities in Marrakech, drink tea, visit some tourist sites and enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere!

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khalid Staff answered 1 year ago

How many days to spend in Marrakech

Most travelers to Morocco arrive at Menara International Airport, not far from the old part of the city. Most adventurers, therefore, start their Moroccan tour with 3 days in Marrakech to visit all the sights and enjoy the medina atmosphere. If you're planning your own trip to Morocco, you'll likely need to arrange everything from transportation and accommodation to activities if you're not traveling with a travel agent that can organize everything for you. All you need to do is do some research before you go on vacation.

Being in one of the most amazing cultural cities in the world, with a rich history and many things to do, promises a relaxing and enjoyable time. Marrakech is a city where you could spend weeks or even months and still want to see more.

If you're not a big city fan then 3 days in Marrakech is enough to see the best of its best. During your first two days in Marrakech, you can visit the city's main attraction during the day and at night. On your last day, when you return from the desert, you can relax in an elegant spa and visit some beautiful gardens to get the most out of your trip.

Once you have arrived in Marrakesh and checked into your accommodation, it might be a good idea to take a walk through the city center where you will find Jemaa el-Fnaa, a huge public square that is beautiful not only during the day but also in the street. The night when hundreds of street vendors begin their activities to offer visitors Moroccan classics. The most exquisite dish that Marrakesh is famous for is the Tangia, which is prepared in an ancient way. This popular square offers easy access to the main attraction which is easy to find without a local guide.

As the sun rises during your first few days in Marrakesh, focus on daytime attractions such as the Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs, arguably the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. Also, visit Jardin Majorelle and Menara Gardens to complete your tour if you have enough time. While the activities that take place on the plain are essential to enjoy and see during the day and night.

3 days is the perfect time to see Marrakech if you are new to Morocco whether you want to explore the medina or other places of interest. Please note that you will be traveling via Marrakesh if your return flight is at Marrakesh airport, and if you miss something in the first two days you have one more day to make it.

Kerri answered 1 year ago

How many days to spend in Marrakech

Personally, I think 3 days will be enough to enjoy everything the city has to offer. On other days you can do other activities such as surfing in Essaouira or Taghazout if you like water sports. You can also spend extra days on a desert excursion instead. There are also plenty of places to visit in the Marrakesh area if you want to cut the extra days down to 2. Should it happen that you plan to travel alone and are not sure how to arrange everything, joining a group tour is highly recommended. Joining a desert tour is otherwise a good idea, but it takes at least a maximum of 3 days. In the evening there are several restaurants and bars in Marrakech where it is quiet and you can enjoy the atmosphere. There are also many riads that serve delicious Moroccan meals, but if you don't feel like going out, you can relax on the roof terraces or in the Moroccan bath house. Outside the old town, accommodation is more comfortable and many of the hotels have good facilities to keep you entertained.

Asif answered 1 year ago

Experience the old Marrakesh on a walking tour

Experience the old Marrakech on a walking tour of the city. Depart with a local guide and take a tour of the old quarter of the Kasbah, a neighborhood with a rich and interesting history and art.

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It is one of the Four Imperial Cities, along with Fez, Meknes and Rabat. On every street corner you will hear special stories and learn something new about ancient Morocco. This walking tour is led by an experienced local guide and is ideal for small groups. If you are staying in Marrakesh, a guided walking tour is always highly recommended.

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