Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow is the Balinese New Year Celebrated?
Ismail asked 2 months ago

Hi Drari, I read an article posted by Rashidd regarding "The Day of Silence" and I'm wondering how New Year is celebrated in Bali. Is everything crashing, I mean internet, TV channels, etc?

  • Ismail,
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    khalid Staff answered 2 months ago

    How is the Balinese New Year Celebrated?

    Salam Ismail,

    Thanks for reaching out! Bali during New Year is truly magical. The whole island slows down for "Nyepi," the Day of Silence. It's serene, with no internet, TV, or activities outside. It's all about self-reflection, and the Balinese celebrate with rituals and parades leading up to it. Let me know if you want more details!