Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoHow far is Ourika from Marrakech?
khalid Staff asked 1 year ago

The Ourika valley is located just 60 km from the red city of Marrakech.

The Ourika region is considered an Amazigh region, and its original name goes back to Oriken, and its name was changed to Ourika in recent times after administrations and centers were built in it and its openness to tourism.

Ourika is considered a natural park in the suburbs of Marrakech, as it is about thirty kilometers away from this city.

The Ourika River is a small sloping river running in a valley of the same name. The river originates from the High Atlas Mountains to the southeast of Marrakesh in central Morocco. The river is fed by the waters of the everlasting snow at the tops of the mountains. There are small farms on both sides of the river that provide Marrakesh with vegetables.

The Ourika region is a destination for Moroccan and foreign tourists, especially in the summer, when the weather is cool and forgets you in the summer heat. Ourika also has many shops that contribute greatly to the development of the economy in this region.

Personally, I visited Ourika last year, and it was a more than a wonderful trip. The closer I got to Ourika, the more I felt calm and gradually got rid of the noise of the cities. Whoever came to the red city and did not visit Ourika, his trip lacks a lot and is incomplete. In this area, there are restaurants and cafes next to the valley, in addition to houses. Furnished for rent

The inhabitants of Ourika are characterized by good generosity and hospitality, which leaves a good impression on the hearts of visitors and a beautiful memory in their minds. The houses of this region are built of mud at the top of the mountains, dense vegetation, and various fruit trees decorate the place and relax their branches on the sides of the roads and the banks of the valleys that come alive in the height of summer. The visitor is amazed at the beauty and charm of the place

Finally, the Ourika offers its visitors the opportunity to visit the aromatic plant garden called “Timalysin” garden, which includes about 45 aromatic and medicinal plants, in addition to the production of saffron.

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Asif answered 1 year ago

How far is Ourika from Marrakech?

Ourika Valley is only 60 km from the red city of Marrakech. Considered one of the most beautiful regions in nearby Marrakesh, the Ourika region is located in the Atlas Mountains because of the beauty of its natural landscapes.