Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoHow can I book a photographer in the Moroccan Sahara desert?
Farkado asked 1 year ago

Hi😊, I'm super stoked to share that I've got an Instagram account with a coolcool community of 60k real followers! 🎉 Now, I'm dreaming of capturing some epic shots in the mesmerizing desert of Morocco. 🐪 Any fantastic suggestions or insider tips you could share? Thanks a ton in advance, and I can't wait to see what adventures await! 📸✨📸✨

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khalid Staff answered 12 months ago

How can I book a photographer in Moroccan Sahara desert?

Hi there!

Your excitement for capturing epic shots in the beautiful desert of Morocco sounds amazing! To make your photography dreams come true, I'd recommend getting in touch with Zakaria. You can reach him on WhatsApp at +212 625-978725 or connect with him on Instagram at

Zakaria is a very professional photographer and might have some fantastic suggestions and insider tips for you! Have a wonderful time exploring and creating stunning content!

Said answered 12 months ago

Professional Moroccan Photographer

Hello there,

I hope this answer finds you in good spirits. I have an exciting suggestion for you – why not consider a photo shoot in the enchanting Moroccan Sahara desert? The vast and breathtaking landscapes offer a truly captivating backdrop for your pictures, promising to create stunning and unforgettable moments.

One particular spot you shouldn't miss is the dunes of Erg Chebbi, especially during sunset – the beauty of the moment will surely translate into mesmerizing shots.

As you embark on this adventure, I'd also recommend adding some exhilarating experiences to your trip. Quad and camel rides through the desert will not only be incredible adventures but will also provide you with unique and captivating photo opportunities.

To ensure you have a professional photographer for your journey, I'd like to introduce you to someone truly talented. You can find him at Dar Aytma Khamlia or check out his Instagram profile: Merzouga Photographer. He's known for capturing exceptional shots and could offer valuable suggestions for your shoot.

I'm confident that your followers will be captivated by the images you'll share from this extraordinary experience. I wish you a fantastic photo shoot and an unforgettable time in the desert!

Best regards,


yeGkgCkZGJ answered 11 months ago

Photographer in the Moroccan Sahara desert

Hello, I have taken photography courses and I take pictures for fun and for my blog. if you are in merzouga next month maybe i can help you. So please let me know when you are in Erg Chebbi desert.



Ronald answered 5 months ago

That sounds amazing! Morocco's desert offers incredible photo opportunities. Consider sunrise or sunset shots for magical lighting, explore local markets for unique content, and engage with your followers by asking for their favorite Morocco moments. I would recommend you this guide number:


Happy shooting! 📸✨

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