Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoDo you offer private driver services in Morocco?
Adam asked 2 months ago

Hello there! My wife and I are planning a trip to Morocco in June, and we're considering hiring a private driver for our stay. Could you please let us know if you offer private driver services in Morocco? If so, we're curious about the pricing. What's the typical daily rate for hiring a driver to take us to different places? We're looking forward to your response.

Thank you in advance!

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khalid Staff answered 2 months ago

Do you offer private driver services in Morocco?

Hi there Adam!

Thanks for submitting your question about your June trip to Morocco! Yep, we've got private driver services available. They can really up your travel game, letting you kick back and soak in Morocco's beauty hassle-free.

Regarding pricing, it varies based on your trip length, destinations, and any special requests you have. Send us a message with your itinerary and preferences, and we'll whip up a personalized quote. Tell us where you want to go and how long you'll need the driver, and we'll sort out the rest.

Excited to help plan your Moroccan adventure! Hit us up for more info anytime. 

kind regards,

icho answered 1 month ago

Private Driver Services in Morocco

Yes, while we do prefer customers to rent our cars with our drivers, we understand that sometimes you may already have a rental car. In such cases, we can accommodate your needs, although availability may be limited. It's worth mentioning that the Moroccan government takes tourist transportation and the tourism industry very seriously. That said, the administrative side of this service will be taken care of by our sister company. This ensures that we meet all insurance and licensing requirements while providing you with the best possible experience.

Private Car In Morocco

You can also rent a regular private car in Morocco for a long trip with us, for the best prices

Our sister car rental company (RAHTI CAR) is located in Ouarzazate but we can deliver the car to anywhere in Morocco if it is for more than 3 days. You can contact Omar for all policies and terms at Whatsapp number: + 212 6 17 77 78 00 or via Email: omar(insert at here)

Office Location:

Address: Tarmigt 45000,Ourzazate, Morocco