Travel QuestionsCategory: BelgiumDo they speak English in Ghent?
Molid asked 7 months ago

Do they speak English in Ghent?

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khalid Staff answered 7 months ago

Do they speak English in Ghent?

Yes! the locals in Ghent speak Flemish (Dutch), but many people also speak English, especially in places like hotels, restaurants and among the younger crowd. Normally you will be able to communicate in English with ease, but knowing a few Dutch phrases can be a nice addition during your visit.

Here are a few Dutch phrases that might come in handy during your visit to Ghent:

Good morning: Goedemorgen (GOO-duh-MORE-gun)

Please: Alsjeblieft (ahl-stuu-bleeft)

Thank you: Dank je (DAHNK yuh)

Excuse me: Excuseer (ehk-SKEW-zehr)

Yes: Ja (YAH)

No: Nee (NAY)

Goodbye: Tot ziens (tot zeens)

Do you speak English?: Spreek je Engels? (SPRAYK yuh ENG-uhls?)

Where is...?: Waar is...? (vahr is...)

May I ask something?: Mag ik iets vragen? (MAKH ik eets VRAH-huhn?)

I don't understand: Ik begrijp het niet (ck buh-grayp hut neet)