Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoCan you kiss in public in Morocco?
hakim asked 1 year ago

Moroccan society has rules regarding passionate kissing in public and lying on top of each other in a public garden as an "act of aggression against Moroccan society" - kissing in public can be considered a no-go for unmarried couples.

I'm not sure if it's legal or not in the Moroccan constitution, but it's what we do! That's why I prefer to call these rules rather than laws.

These rules are rarely applied to all married couples. Foreign couples can freely kiss in public and everyone will ignore them without saying anything. It is common for unmarried Moroccan couples not to kiss in public.​ A kiss on the lips or cheek is never been a problem. Yes, that's a bite weird and confusing!

However, kissing passionately with a Moroccan partner in public or having sexual touches, may be the subject of unwanted attention and result in an unfriendly discussion. The same applies to sleeping with a girlfriend in a hotel room. The owner of the hotel may ask to show the marriage contract! I personally have an European girlfriend for over 15 years and I never get this question. Moroccan society is conservative and modern at the same time. The younger generation may not care at all, but the older ones may consider this a shameful act. I think where you are in Morocco also plays a role.

What do you personally think? Can you kiss in public in Morocco?

khalid Staff replied 1 year ago

Normally, you are allowed but there are people who don’t like to see that in public, especially the elderly.

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khalid Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, there is usually no problem if you are a non-Moroccan couple. You can kiss in public if you want, but it is recommended to avoid it near religious places and markets.