Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan you drink tap water in Marrakech?
Saidla asked 1 year ago

In general, it is best to drink filtered or bottled water when traveling in Morocco. Most locals drink tap water and many travelers usually don't take any chances drinking it. Tap water is usually drinkable, but it is still wise to purify this water yourself or choose another water source because your body can interact with unknown bacteria in the water, which can make you sick or cause diarrhea. Hot drinks in Morocco are usually fine to drink as boiling water kills any harmful bacteria in the tap water. However, if you want to drink iced tea, it's best to make sure it's made with filtered water.

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hakim answered 1 year ago

Can you drink tap water in Marrakech?

No, It is recommended to buy a bottle of mineral water

hakim replied 9 months ago

🙂 During my time in Marrakech, I reserve water for my more rigorous walks. For the most part, I enjoy pomegranate drinks, beer, and a variety of juices.

khalid Staff replied 9 months ago

Better to have a beer instead 🙂

Kerri answered 9 months ago

Is it safe to consume tap water in Marrakech?

I would strongly recommend against drinking tap water. It's advisable to purchase bottled mineral water to avoid any health concerns

khalid Staff replied 9 months ago

You’re right! It is better to buy a bottle of water instead of getting sick

Modx answered 9 months ago

Can you drink tap water in Marrakech?

Yes, you can but it is not advised!