Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoCan you do a day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech?
Lianmi asked 2 years ago

I saw many people asking online if you can do a desert trip from Marrakech in one day!

There are several options to visit the desert from Marrakech. You can visit the desert by car, bus, or bicycle. The cheapest way to get to the desert is by bus. One of the comfortable bus tours is operated by CTM, which costs around 35€. The bus will take you to the village of Merzouga near the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. But most travelers choose to travel with a travel agency because they offer more than just the transfer that the CTM company offers. Driving through winding mountain passes and valleys is about 561 km from Marrakech to the most beautiful sand dunes in Morocco.

You cannot do a desert excursion on a day trip from Marrakech, as the journey takes about 9 hours. The tour must be planned in advance, it lasts at least three days. Although it's a long way, the beautiful scenery makes it worth it.

What do you think? can you do a Sahara desert trip on a day trip from Marrakech?

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khalid Staff answered 2 years ago

Merzoug desert tour takes at least 3 days from Marrakech. But if you only want transport, it can be done in one day. The bus does not stop at an attraction along the way. They stop from one station to another. If you only have one day, I advise you to visit the amazing deserts of Agfay, not far from Marrakech.

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Wish you a pleasant and safe desert journey!

hakim answered 2 years ago

Can you do a day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech?

You need 3 days for a desert trip! You cannot do a desert tour from Marrakesh in one day, because it is very far. Most tour agencies start their desert tours at 08:00 AM from Marrakech towards Dades Gorge. The tour takes you through the beautiful High Atlas Mountains with magnificent views and the visit to the kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou. The next day you travel to the Todra Gorges and the desert. On the last day, you will return to Marrakesh via the Draa Valley and the High Atlas Mountains.

swalond answered 2 years ago

Can you do a day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech?
In one day? No, it's too far! No company offers such excursions. Traveling to the desert from Marrakech in one day doesn't include visiting the most important sights on the way.

Milon answered 2 years ago

Can you do a day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech?

No, you cannot do a desert trip on a day trip from Marrakesh. Most travelers who are short on time go to the Agafay desert to have a blissful experience. The Agafay Desert is an arid and rocky area near Marrakech. It is only 40 minutes from the amazing maze-like Marrakech Souk. It is an elongated plateau of dune-like hills with mountains in the background. Many activities are organized, such as camel riding and quad biking.

Asif answered 2 years ago

Day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech

A visit to the desert is always exciting, it can be the most beautiful thing to see during part of a tour of Morocco. You will have the chance to explore various lush valleys and natural wonders and canyons in addition to enjoying a romantic sunset atop the colorful sand dunes. To make your dream trip through the desert, you need to plan everything in advance. For an excellent experience and comfortable timing to make the most of your trip, the desert tour from Marrakesh lasts 3 days.

Our most popular desert tour based on bookings in the last 5 years is the Erg Chebbi Desert Tour, with Erg Chigaga finally gaining popularity last year.

Moroccan Desert Adventures is a Moroccan tour operator based in Zagora, a desert region in the south of Morocco. Our team will show you the unique spots of our beloved rural areas and share unforgettable moments with you during our well-organized tours.

Lover answered 11 months ago

Day trip to Sahara Desert from Marrakech


You can't do a desert trip from Marrakech! This post answers this question about going to the desert from Marrakech in Morocco. The Sahara Desert is located in the southeast of Marrakech and there are several ways to reach the desert from the city. A maximum of three days are needed.


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