Travel QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan you buy alcohol in Morocco?
Abraham asked 2 years ago

Can you buy alcohol in Morocco?

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khalid Staff answered 2 years ago

Drinking alcohol in Morocco is legal, but it must be purchased and consumed in licensed places. You can also buy alcohol at most grocery stores and specialty liquor stores across the country.
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Kerri answered 2 years ago

Yes, you can drink and buy alcohol in Morocco. Morocco is considered to have high-quality wines.

Lianmi answered 2 years ago

Alcohol is freely available in major cities and well-known tourist destinations such as Marrakech and Casablanca. You can buy alcohol in Morocco at supermarkets and all places with a permit.
In supermarkets, the alcohol section is usually located in a separate section. They are usually closed on Fridays and during the Muslim holidays

Lover answered 2 years ago

Can you buy alcohol in Morocco?

You can buy alcoholic beverages in licensed places. Drinking alcohol is not permitted on the street or anywhere other than a licensed restaurant or bar.

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