Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoWhat are best places to visit in Tangier?
tasa asked 8 years ago

Unlike many other tourist destinations in Morocco, you can discover a perfect mix of different influences from Europe and Africa. Tangier is a port city in Morocco, therefore, you'll have no trouble in locating several brothels, tea houses and shopping centers. They've made this area quite exciting of course.

If it's the first time for you to visit with the old-walled town in Tangier, you might be quite surprised to see a disorderly traffic including individuals and vehicles at the Grand Socco. This place is an extremely chaotic transport hub at the primary entry and a big square.

This museum offers every visitor a historic experience. Make sure you a room dedicated to Paul Bowles when you've got an opportunity to see this museum.

The modern area of Tangier or the Ville Nouvelle also guarantees a superb tourist encounter. Location de France is known in the middle class as the social focus for the Tangier residents. This area is the center of the Ville Nouvelle and it turns out to be a great area for you to appreciate the breathtaking view of the ocean. Make sure you head east while you're at this tourist hotspot and see with the Terrasse des Paresseux.

The place of Tangier is quite close to the shoreline, enjoy your most favourite shore activities and it enables to feast your eyes with the beautiful views of the ocean. You're most encouraged to the Kasbah if you wonder about the greatest place where it is possible to appreciate the superb oceanic views. The Kasbah offers more than a place that is fantastic for sightseeing that is oceanic. You may continue your historic journey to the old Sultan’s palace referred to as Dar El Makhzen once you enter the walls of Kasbah. This palace was constructed in the 17th century and it's been transformed into a Moroccan museum that saves lots of artworks that were outstanding.

If you want to enjoy a beach holiday and come to Tangier in a summer, you might pick up a place that is additional from town. The farther you go, the better shore you'll be able to love.