Morocco Travel QuestionsCategory: MoroccoAre Female Travelers Safe in Morocco?
Rin asked 2 weeks ago

Hey fellow travelers! I'm planning a solo adventure to Morocco and would love to hear from other female travelers who've been there. Do you feel it's generally safe for women traveling alone? I'd really appreciate any tips or advice on handling things like local customs, street harassment, or just getting around in places like Marrakech and Fez. Looking forward to your insights! Thanks so much!



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khalid Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Are Female Travelers Safe in Morocco?

Hey Rin!
Visiting Morocco as a solo traveler is safe, but it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind. Here’s some advice:

Modest Dress: Dressing modestly in loose clothing will help you blend in and reduce unwanted attention. Consider carrying a light scarf too.

Street Harassment: Harassment can happen, but it's mostly verbal. A firm 'no, thank you' or just ignoring them works well.

Guides: Local guides are useful, especially in medinas like those busy of Marrakech and Fez. They can help you navigate and provide with usfull tips.

Transport: Trains and buses between cities are generally reliable and safe, making them good and cheaper transportation options.

Trust your instincts, stay aware, and you'll have an amazing adventure in Morocco! Moroccan culture and hospitality are well worth experiencing.

Safe travels!

Youssef answered 2 days ago

Are Female Travelers Safe in Morocco?

This lady feels good, doesn't she? She is my wife and I am Moroccan