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Activities in Basel

Activities and Tours In Basel

Discover all the best tours and activities to do in Basel! This Swiss city on the Rhine is where old-world elegance and modern flair meet to create a unique travel experience. Stroll through the charming Old Town with its winding streets, and pop into quirky boutiques and cozy cafes. Immerse yourself in centuries of art at the world-class Kunstmuseum, or get lost in the colorful maze of Basel's many galleries. When you are hungry, head over to Marktplatz for local delicacies or grab a drink at a Rhine-side bar while watching the sunset over the river if you are looking for an adventure. Hop on a river cruise or join a guided tour to learn the city's secrets firsthand. Now, if you are an art lover, history buff, or just curious to explore, we've got something for everyone. Discover what makes the city of Basel so special!

Things to Do in Basel

FAQ - Activities and Tours in Basel

Basel offers a rich blend of culture and history, with must-do activities like strolling through the picturesque Old Town, exploring the diverse exhibits at the Kunstmuseum, and enjoying panoramic views from the top of the Basel Minster. Don't miss a leisurely walk along the Rhine or a sunset river cruise for a different perspective of the city!

In Basel, you can find tours that suit every interest. From guided walks through historic neighborhoods to immersive art tours that showcase the city's creative scene, or even food tours sampling local flavors at Marktplatz, the options are endless. You can also join river cruises, cycling tours, and even day trips to nearby attractions like the Black Forest or Alsace.

Yes, private tours are available in Basel! Whether you're interested in a personalized city tour, an exclusive museum visit, or a tailor-made excursion to explore the region's hidden gems, you'll find flexible options to suit your travel preferences.

Absolutely! Families will love exploring the Basel Zoo, playing at the interactive Tinguely Fountain, or discovering dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Boat cruises along the Rhine are a fun and scenic way to explore the city together. Many museums also offer workshops and interactive exhibits designed for children.

Basel has a vibrant art scene that's best explored through a mix of museums, galleries, and public art installations. Start at the Kunstmuseum or Fondation Beyeler, then visit the galleries of the Old Town. The Art Basel fair, held annually, is a must for art lovers, but the city also features colorful murals and sculptures scattered throughout.

Yes, Basel has a well-connected public transport system that includes trams and buses, which are easy to navigate with an efficient ticketing system. Walking and biking are also great options, given the compact city layout and pedestrian-friendly streets. Many hotels provide complimentary travel passes to guests, making it even easier to explore.