Best Budget Riads in Marrakech

Marrakech is home to wonderful year-round weather, incredible architecture, and unique cultural experiences, which makes it a traveler’s dream destination. When reaching Marrakech visitors will fall in love with breathtaking views, as the desert sun reflects off the city buildings and distinct pink walls; lending itself to the nickname “pink city.” Camel rides, waterfalls, and […]

Experience Extraordinary Shopping in Marrakech

Experience Extraordinary Shopping in Marrakech

The fabulous city of Marrakech can be found within the country of Morocco and while it is known for its attractions and culture, it is famous for its shopping opportunities.  In fact, the numerous shopping destinations in the city can easily overwhelm a person if they are not quite sure of where they should go […]

Morocco souvenirs shop

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Morocco – Morocco Souvenirs

Morocco has a very rich history dating back to the Paleolithic times sometimes between 190,000 and 90,000 BC. For this reason, the country is one of the best places worldwide with some amazing shops to buy and collect souvenirs which can be a great way of preserving memories after visiting Morocco. Souvenirs in Morocco range […]