Culture of Marrakech

What Cultures and Traditions Are Observed In Marrakech

Like every other city across the world, the Marrakech culture shapes the atmosphere of the area and its people.  Marrakech is a diverse culture due to its many historical influences, which can be seen through the people, their cuisine and the architecture.  Marrakech, which is known as the “red city,” is heavily influenced by two […]

Marrakesh Group Tours

Why You Should Consider Marrakech Group Tours When Visiting Morocco

It’s great to go on vacation from time to time, especially to exotic locations – to see places you’ve never been and explore what that area has to offer. And, most people, when they think exotic spots around the world, are thinking about the beaches, crystal blue waters and things of that nature. But, the […]

Marrakech to the Sahara Desert tours

Marrakech to the Sahara Desert: Things to Know Before You Go

Rolling sand dunes, picturesque sunsets, and dazzling night skies are just some of the unforgettable things you can see on your Sahara desert tour. While the Sahara stretches across most of the North African continent, the infamous sand dune camelback trips are located in Merzouga and should be added to your itinerary when you visit […]