Discover the best places to visit in Sharm El-Sheikh! Sharm El-Sheikh, tucked along Egypt’s Red Sea shore, is like a treasure trove for adventurers seeking both excitement and peace. Get set for an enchanting journey as we navigate through some of the absolute best places to visit in Sharm El-Sheikh, ensuring your trip is nothing short of spectacular:

Naama Bay

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Naama Bay stands as the heartbeat of Sharm El-Sheikh. Picture this: a buzzing nightlife, a variety of restaurants to satisfy every craving, and a lively promenade inviting you for a leisurely evening walk or an exciting night out. It’s the perfect recipe for a memorable trip in Sharm El-Sheikh!

Ras Mohammed National Park

For diving enthusiasts, Ras Mohammed National Park is a paradise. Immerse yourself in those clear waters, uncovering mesmerizing coral reefs and encountering an incredible array of marine creatures that’ll leave you in awe. It’s a breathtaking experience that words can hardly capture!

Tiran Island and Sanafir Island

Embark on a boat trip to Tiran Island and Sanafir Island for a mesmerizing experience. You’ve hit snorkeler’s paradise with crystal-clear waters around these islands. It’s the perfect spot for a swim or to dive into the beauty of the Red Sea and soak in its peaceful vibe.

Soho Square – The Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh

Soho Square is where the fun is at! Built in the late 1670s, Soho Square today is alive with everything you could want – delicious restaurants, cafes, and shops that make you want to splurge. It is a place where locals come together to enjoy live entertainment.

Old Market (Sharm El-Maya)

Immerse yourself in local culture at the Old Market. This bustling area showcases traditional souks, authentic eateries, and local crafts, offering a glimpse into the authentic Egyptian lifestyle.

Mount Sinai

Venture on a day trip to Mount Sinai, a sacred site and a significant pilgrimage destination. The sunrise or sunset views from the summit are awe-inspiring and worth the trek.


For a day trip outside Sharm El-Sheikh, visit Dahab, known for its relaxed vibe, stunning beaches, and the famous Blue Hole for diving enthusiasts.

Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh

21 Ways to Experience the Magic of Sharm El Sheikh

1. Dive into the Underwater World

Explore vibrant coral reefs and encounter exotic marine life with scuba diving or snorkeling. The Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters are an underwater paradise.

2. Discover Ras Mohammed National Park

Embark on a snorkeling or diving adventure at Ras Mohammed National Park. It’s a haven for underwater exploration and offers stunning views of the sea.

3. Enjoy Naama Bay’s Nightlife

When the sun sets, Naama Bay comes alive! Experience its lively nightlife scene with a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

4. Stroll Along the Promenade

Take a leisurely walk along the bustling promenade of Naama Bay. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, street performances, and local vendors.

5. Soak Up the Sun at the Beaches

Relax and unwind on Sharm El Sheikh’s pristine beaches. Feel the soft sand between your toes and bask in the warm Egyptian sun.

6. Visit Tiran Island

Take a boat trip to Tiran Island for an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Immerse yourself in the island’s clear waters and vibrant marine life.

7. Explore Old Sharm

Discover the charm of Old Sharm, characterized by its traditional markets, authentic eateries, and rich cultural heritage.

8. Adventure in the Desert

Embark on a desert safari and explore the rugged beauty of the Sinai Desert. Experience camel rides, quad biking, and Bedouin-style dinners under the stars.

9. Climb Mount Sinai

Challenge yourself with a hike up Mount Sinai. Witness a breathtaking sunrise or sunset atop this historic and sacred mountain.

10. Shop at Soho Square

Indulge in shopping at Soho Square, offering a mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for a vibrant experience.

11. Marvel at Colored Canyon

Discover the stunning hues of Colored Canyon on a guided hike through its maze of colorful rock formations.

12. Enjoy Water Sports

Feel the thrill of water sports like windsurfing, parasailing, and jet skiing along the Red Sea’s clear waters.

13. Unwind at the Spas

Pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments at luxurious resorts, providing ultimate relaxation and tranquility.

14. Visit the Nabq Protectorate

Explore the natural beauty of Nabq Protectorate, home to diverse flora and fauna, perfect for bird watching and nature walks.

15. Dine by the Sea

Savor delicious seafood and traditional Egyptian cuisine at seaside restaurants offering stunning views of the Red Sea.

16. Experience Underwater Submarine Tours

Take an exciting submarine tour to witness the mesmerizing marine world without getting wet.

17. Golfing at Cascades Golf Resort

Enjoy a round of golf at Cascades Golf Resort, boasting breathtaking views and a challenging course for golf enthusiasts.

18. Attend Bedouin Nights

Immerse yourself in Bedouin culture and traditions with an evening of Bedouin-style entertainment, including music, dance, and food.

19. Dive at the Thistlegorm Wreck

For advanced divers, explore the historic Thistlegorm shipwreck site, showcasing World War II relics and marine life.

20. Sunset Catamaran Cruise

End your day with a relaxing catamaran cruise, witnessing a mesmerizing sunset over the Red Sea.

21. Visit the Sharm El Sheikh Musical Fountain

Experience the magic of the Sharm El Sheikh Musical Fountain, a captivating display of water, lights, and music. Enjoy evening performances that create a mesmerizing atmosphere for all ages.

How to Reach the Paradise of Sharm El Sheikh

How to Reach the Paradise of Sharm El Sheikh

Nestled along the Red Sea coast, Sharm El Sheikh beckons with its allure of azure waters and vibrant life. Wondering how to get there? Let’s dive into it!

By Air

Direct Flights: For those outside Egypt, flying directly to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is the most convenient option. Numerous international airlines operate flights to this airport.

Domestic Flights: If you’re already in Egypt, domestic flights from Cairo or other major cities are available and take about an hour.

By Sea

Ferries: Ferry services operate from Hurghada or Aqaba (Jordan) to Sharm El Sheikh. These trips, while longer, offer a unique experience with stunning sea views.


Bus or Car: While it’s a lengthy journey, traveling by bus or car from Cairo or other Egyptian cities is possible. The road trip offers glimpses of Egypt’s scenic landscapes.

Important Tips:

Visa Requirements: Check visa regulations for Egypt based on your nationality before traveling.

Transport from Airport: Taxis and shuttle services are available from the airport to various parts of Sharm El Sheikh.

Where to Stay in Sharm El Sheikh

Where to Stay in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, the jewel of Egypt’s Red Sea coast, offers a plethora of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s taste and budget. Let’s explore some of the top picks:

1. Naama Bay: The Vibrant Heart

If you crave nightlife and convenience, Naama Bay is your go-to. It’s packed with resorts, hotels, and apartments, offering easy access to the beach and a vibrant nightlife scene.

2. Ras Um Sid: Peaceful Retreat

For those seeking a quieter vibe, Ras Um Sid is a serene escape. It’s close enough to Naama Bay for convenience but offers a more relaxed atmosphere and picturesque views.

3. Sharks Bay: Family-Friendly Haven

Families adore Sharks Bay for its child-friendly resorts and calm waters, perfect for snorkeling and beach activities. Plus, it’s not far from the airport, making it convenient for arrivals and departures.

4. Nabq Bay: Nature’s Embrace

Nabq Bay appeals to nature lovers with its proximity to Nabq Protectorate’s stunning landscapes. It’s ideal for those who appreciate a blend of nature and leisure.

5. Hadaba: Local Charm

Hadaba offers a taste of local life with authentic restaurants, traditional markets, and a more authentic experience. It’s perfect for travelers keen on immersing themselves in Egyptian culture.

6. Soho Square: Entertainment Galore

Opt for accommodation near Soho Square if you crave entertainment. With various hotels nearby, you’ll have easy access to live shows, shopping, and dining.

7. Dahab: Bohemian Escape

For an excursion outside Sharm El Sheikh, consider a stay in Dahab. It’s laid-back, offers a hippie vibe, and is known for windsurfing and a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Luxury Resorts: Indulge in Paradise

Sharm El Sheikh boasts luxurious resorts like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. Treat yourself to world-class amenities, private beaches, and lavish experiences.

9. Boutique Hotels: Personalized Touch

For a more intimate experience, boutique hotels in various locations offer personalized service, unique designs, and a cozy atmosphere.

10. Budget-Friendly Options: Comfort Without Splurging

There are plenty of budget-friendly accommodations around Sharm El Sheikh, including guesthouses, hostels, and affordable hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh

Safety Matters: Ensuring You Feel Secure

Sharm El Sheikh is known to be pretty safe for visitors, but hey, it’s always good to be extra careful, right? Here are some smart tips to make sure your stay is smooth and worry-free:

Respect the Local Vibe: Egypt’s got its own groove. Showing respect for their traditions and ways can help you blend in and avoid any unnecessary attention. Plus, it’s a great way to embrace their culture!

Keep an Eye on Your Stuff: Crime rates are low, but it’s still wise to watch out for your belongings, especially in busy spots. Keep your valuables close and maybe use your hotel safe for important stuff.

Stay in the Loop: Read local news online and what’s happening around you. Staying updated can help you plan your day better and avoid any trouble zones.

Pick Trusted Places to Stay: Go for places that have a good rep. Accredited hotels often have tighter security measures, making your stay more secure and comfy.

In Case of Emergencies: Have those emergency numbers ready. Police, hospital, embassy – it’s good to have them handy, just in case.

Hop on Reliable Transport: Stick to trustworthy modes of transport like legit taxis or shuttle services provided by your hotel. It’s all about that peace of mind, right?

Listen to Your Gut: Sometimes, your gut knows best. If something feels off, trust that feeling. It’s totally cool to step back or ask for help.

Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh

Questions and answers Sharm El Sheikh

Is Sharm El Sheikh Safe?

While the Sinai Peninsula has had a complex history, the Egyptian Government prioritizes the safety of tourists in southern Sinai. There haven’t been any major incidents involving tourists in recent years, and measures are in place to maintain a safe environment.

Is Sharm El Sheikh the Ultimate Diving Spot in the Red Sea?

This coastal gem has earned its stripes as one of the Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh, all thanks to its teeming marine life, those vibrant coral homes, and the treasure trove of well-preserved wrecks. Compared to other sweet spots like Marsa Alam and Dahab along the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm is the crowd favorite. And hey, if you’re eyeing other options, places like Hurghada or a South Red Sea Liveaboard? They’re pretty fantastic too!

When’s the Ideal Time to Visit?

Sharm is a year-round delight! Expect sunny days regardless, but Spring or Autumn (March to May and October to November) are popular choices due to pleasant weather. For the best underwater visibility, Summer is fantastic, but brace yourself for scorching temperatures.

Is Soho Square one of the Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh?

Definitely! Soho Square is one of the best places to visit in Sharm El Sheikh. Packed with an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, shops, and tons of entertainment, it’s like a mini-city within this coastal paradise. From ice-skating and bowling to live performances and fantastic dining spots, Soho Square is a magnet for families and groups looking for an all-in-one fun-packed hangout spot.

The Best Places to Visit in Sharm El-Sheikh Conclusion

Sharm El Sheikh offers a mix of adventure activities. From lively nights that never sleep to the tranquil allure resembling a peaceful oasis, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re diving into thrilling underwater escapades or simply relishing tranquil moments by the beach, Sharm El-Sheikh caters to every explorer’s desires, ensuring an unforgettable journey filled with the best things to do in Egypt.

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