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Travel Guide Fez | Fez Morocco

  • Morocco
  • Fez
  • 500 km²
  • 30000
  • Dirham
  • AR/BER
  • 946.815
  • "Get a city guide or a travel guide book to not miss anything! Fez medina is Very interesting, thousands of narrow streets with colorful shops and people are so friendly and very helpful."


Travel Guide to Fez, Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country filled with interesting background and multi-ethnic culture. Many of us must recognize Rabat as the capital city of this country. Little that you know that Morocco has three other cities that were formerly known as the capitals. Before Rabat takes its crown, Meknes, Marrakech, and Fes are the previous capital cities. Thus, visiting one of those cities can be a great choice should you look for a great alternative to the current capital or Casablanca. Fes, for example, has become a fascinating tourist destination for many visitors. Not only that it is a historical city, but Fes is also known as the cultural heartbeat of the country.

There were many great dynasties who took over the authority of Fes. Each of the dynasty took part in shaping the city. The greatest dynasty that had turned out the city of Fes into the cultural city for the Muslim population would be the Idris Dynasty. This dynasty is the one who found the city of Fes and transformed it into the religious and cultural center of the country. The great work of Idris I in 789 was followed by great efforts from his descendant, Idris II.

Every tourist come to visit Morocco with their own reason. Some people love to feast their eyes with amazing views while some other tourists come for the unique cuisines. If you come to this country and wish to discover the cultural value of Morocco, then you should prioritize Fes than other tourists destinations. You shall find the largest living Islamic medieval city in the world known as the medina Fes el-Bali in this place. Other than that, this city also features two other divisions that come with their own uniqueness. Beside Fes el-Bali, make sure that you visit Fes-Jdid and the Ville Nouvelle. Fes-Jdid is known as the home of Mellah while the Ville Nouvelle is mostly inspired by French style. The medina Fes el-Bali is surely one of the most interesting spots in the area. It is known as the largest urban area on the planet that is completely free from automobile vehicles.

Due to the location of Fes, which is situated along the Atlas mountains, the population of this city have become really familiar with experiencing cool and hot weather in both winter and summer seasons. The various temperatures normally take place between July and September. However, whenever you have time to visit the city of Fes, make sure that you always bring your cardigans or jackets along. The nights in Fes are more likely to be very cool for you.

Fes is also a nice tourist destination that offers a great cuisines experience. The city of Fes is home to small food stalls, you can easily find them in the streets. You are most welcome to enjoy the exotic cuisines along the streets. Should you wonder about the popular national dish in this city, then you must try lamb tagine for yourself. The roasted chicken with a pile of egg noodles would be very tasty

History and The Culture of Fes

Fez Culture and History

Morocco has turned out to be a well-known tourist destination in the world and millions of people never seem enough to make their visit during their holiday season. Many visitors of Moroccan tours are interested in the largest city in the country, Casablanca. Some of them are drawn to enjoy the amazing view and the culture of the city of Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. Little that you know, Morocco still has many other interesting places to offer. Should you are interested in the cultural heartbeat of Morocco, then you might as well shift your visit to the city of Fes, a very historical city in this country. This city can be a great addition to your Moroccan tour and obviously offers something different from the major cities you have seen before. Considering that the city of Fes is a very historic place in the county, it would be much better if you dig out more information about the history and the culture of Fes. That would simply make your visit more meaningful and more enjoyable.

A Quick Look at The History of Fez, Morocco

The city of Fes was founded by Idris I in 789. This Islamic reign had transformed the city into the cultural and religious center in the Moroccan region. The success of Idris I was well preserved by his kin. It was his son, Idris II who continued his work and shaped the city of Fes along with the cultural heritage of the Muslim population. They mostly come from the Arab east and Spain. With a long history at every turn in this magical city, you shall find it very interesting in visiting every historical site in Fes.

The Culture of Fez (Fes)

The city of Fes, or also known as Fez, is one of the four imperial cities in Morocco. There are three unique divisions you can find in Fez. The Ville Nouvelle is obviously inspired by French style and the Fes-Jdid is meant for the Mellah. The other division in this city is known as the walled city of Fes el-Bali, it would be the right place for you to visit if you are interested in experiencing the Moroccan culture.

The medina Fes el-Bali or the old town of Fes is known as the largest Islamic medieval city that is still existing in the world. It has to be an interesting tourist destination for you seeing the fact that the walled city of Fes el-Bali is now the largest urban place on the planet with no car at all. If you wonder about the best time for you to visit the city of Fes, you might want to come in the summer season. Just make sure that you bring your jacket with you since the nights at Fes are more likely to get very cold.

The city of Fez also offers an array of unique cuisines. You certainly have to try the kebab which is available at the stalls of Falafel. Other delicious and exotic dishes like escargot and camel cuts are also available in the food stalls laid out in the streets of the city.

fez by night

The Nightlife in The City of Fez

Morocco is a well known tourist destination in the world. All the visitors will be provided with modern entertainment and highly comfortable hotel accommodation. Not only that you can find plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants in Fez Morocco, you can also make your nightlife more enjoyable by visiting the disco places and nightclubs. Unlike the nightlife experience in other destinations, the city of Fes will provide you with Moroccan traditional entertainment including classical Moroccan music and traditional belly dancing. This Islamic country also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy alcoholic drinks for your nightlife experience.

Popular Cafes in The City of Fes

Pub Cala Iris
26 Avenue Hassan II Tel. : +212 535 741 077
Sofitel Palais Jamaï
Bab Guissa - Fez Tel. : +212 535 634 331
Fez Lounge
Zkak Rouah, Fes Tel. : (0535) 633 097
Hôtel Menzeh Zalagh
10 Rue Mohammed Diouri Tel. :+212 535 625 531

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