Are you going to Visit Marrakesh? Thus, you need to know some interesting things to do in such city. Marrakesh is one of the best cities in Morocco. There you can do unique things either by your own or with locals. First of all, you can visit the Koutoubia Mosque. It’s the symbol of the city. This building is quite visible when you enter the city. Even though it isn’t quite high, you can still see it from afar. The local ordinance prohibits any buildings in the Medina to exceed a palm tree. Just take a look at its towers. They are so majestic and beautiful. The mosque is quite active for locals’ worship. Remember, non-Muslims aren’t allowed to enter this place.

Shopping at the Souks

For those who love shopping, you can spend your money at the Souks. There are many great products that you can buy in Marrakech. Wandering in markets with endless maze in the city will be your unforgettable experience. The more you enter the markets the more interesting you gain the experience. You can either take the Semarine or rue Mouassine routes. There you can find lots of bazaar and boutiques. Every section of the market has its own uniqueness. You are able to buy many different products like clothing, spices, textiles, and many others. Don’t forget to prepare baskets and raffia bags beforehand.

More Things to Do in Marrakesh

Next, you can learn about Islamic law and scripture when you Visit Marrakesh. Some schools in the city are dedicated to give information and knowledge for the locals. It’s even possible for visitors to join the learning session in those schools. The culture of this city will make you astonished. If you don’t like learning, you can take advantage of some boutiques to buy new fashion products. There are many trendy items with comforting quality. Moroccan fashion is always interesting to buy, especially for women.

Do you like gardening? You can enjoy such outdoor activity around the city. Marrakesh offers nice green space and avenues. The most famous one is La Mamounia. It’s quite famous worldwide as one of the majestic gardens in Morocco. The garden has a traditional shrubs, ornaments, and others. You can enjoy the buffet lunch around the poolside cafes and drinking Moroccan tea in the gardens. Sometimes, you can find some local painters around that place. Ask them to make a picture of you in an affordable price.

For those who like arts, there are some places to visit with many collections of decorative arts and crafts in Marrakesh. Visit Marrakesh to learn about its culture and arts. With this, you are able to enjoy your vacation to the finest. Plus, there are some ancient tombs of Saadian to visit. You can find them at the south part of Kasbah Mosque. The most famous one is the walled garden monument. Many visitors are amazed at those ancient tombs. If those things don’t make you pleased, there are some Moroccan museums to visit. Those are the best places for people who love to study history. Do you think the same?