South Africa has a uniqueness that cannot be seen anywhere else not only for its flora and fauna but also for its landmarks. In South Africa, the most well-known landmark is the Table Mountain. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is approximately 1086 meters high or 3,563 feet above sea level. The plateau was flanked by two different landmarks. The Devil’s Peak is on the eastern side of the mountain while the Lion’s Head is on the western side. The Mountain’s highest point was marked by a stone cairn named Maclear’s Beacon. It was built by Sir Thomas Maclear in 1865. The mountain offers spectacular scenery and serves as the symbol of the country. The mountain also has many attractions including a conversation, the Table Mountain National Park, and a cable car. Local people and visitors from different parts of the world visit the mountain every year.

What to see in Table Mountain (South Africa).

Table Mountain in South Africa is not only known as a tourist attraction that has amazing scenic views. It is also the house of more than 2000 plants and 1000 flowers. Most of them are endemic. Because of its popularity, Table Mountain is often mentioned in magazines, newspapers, or online news as the icon of South Africa. It is also the favorite place to be photographed as many visitors around the world tend to choose the mountain as the object of photography.

A cable car placed at the top of the mountains draws most visitors. Many of them choose to take a cable car trip to enjoy the scenery from above. Visitors can also go to the mountain by hiking. However, it may take a longer time and need guidance from the experts there. There is also another attraction named Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which is regarded as one of the best botanical gardens in the world. It also serves as the largest botanical garden in South Africa. The botanical gardens were established in 1913 and are situated at the national park on the east side of Table Mountain. It opens every day except on public holidays with different opening hours depending on the season. The entrance fees for adults, students, and children will be different. Free entrance is only available for all members of BOTSOC.  Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are used to conserve and protect plants from around the world. About 7000 species of plants including those which are rare and in danger of extinction kept there. The prominent feature of this place is fynbos which is a group of plants found in South Africa. Wild animals, such as lions or leopards will not be found inside the park, so it is relatively safe. The other side of the mountain is near the sea. Thus, the visitors may see penguins walking around there.

There are some guesthouses and hotels near the Table Mountain National Park that can be booked by the visitors. The visitors can also use public transportation, such as minibus taxis or buses for getting around from and to the national park.