Are you going crazy because you always work every day? Now, you have to stop working. It is a time for you to have a vacation. There are so many beautiful places in the world that you must visit.
If you do not have any idea to go, we have something to be recommended for you. It is for visiting Baatara Gorge waterfall. Are you curious in that tourism object? Okay, we will give you sets of information about this place. It includes how to get there, what you can see in that waterfall, and what the unique thing on Lebanon. So, just stay here. We know that you will make a plan to go there after reading this.

What You See In Baatara Gorge Waterfall

After landing in Beirut, you should take travel to Tannourine. You may take a travel agent to accompany you reaching that place. If you don’t want to take travel agent to go with you, you may go to that place by seeing the map. During the journey, you will see the amazing building in Lebanon. Then, after reaching in Baatara Gorge waterfall, you will see the waterfall that drops for 255 meters. However, there is something important that we have to tell you here. This waterfall is not for every season. The water can flow in the summer only. So, if you go there in winter you will see nothing special in that place. The amazing thing here is the natural process for making this waterfall. That is so wonderful when the water drops to the three bridges in the summertime.

There is a unique thing on Baatara Gorge waterfall. Based on the research, this waterfall has a unique cave. The cave belongs to the Jurassic limestone. If you ever watched Jurassic Park, you will have an imagination about this waterfall. It is similar to what you find in that movie. You should see this unique thing in Lebanon. Not all kind so waterfall has a cave like this. If you see the pictures in the websites about Baatara Gorge waterfall, you will see the waterfall in the three caves. That is the amazing thing to see.

There are so many people in around the world come to this place. It is not only for having the vacation. However, they want to make a research. The limestone in the cave can be the object of scientific research. This natural sight will be the best thing that you ever found in Lebanon. After spending hours to take some pictures in the cave, you may continue your trip to the other tourist places in Lebanon. There are so many amazing places that you should see in that country.

Now, you have to make a decision to go to that place. There will not any satisfaction if you only see the waterfall from the websites. However, you have to go to that place directly. Then, you may come back to Beirut for spending the nights in that city. We know that you will like your vacation in Lebanon for this unique cave with the waterfall inside.

(Image credits: © Jack Seikaly)

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