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Activities in Fez

Compass and map

Travelling in Old City, Fez

If you are the one who really loves travelling, then you should visit the old city, Fez in Morocco. Maybe you have known many places with an incredible thing, but this old city is going to give you something unforgettable. As you know that Morocco is Continue reading

Ruins in Fes, Morocco

The Oldest City in Morocco, Fez

What comes in your mind when you hear Morocco? Maybe your imagination will bring you to a Middle East country. Even though Morocco sounds like a Middle East country, this country is not placed in Asia or even Middle East. Morocco is located in Africa and this country is really Continue reading

Fez Tannery

Discovering the Exotic Side of Fez, Morocco

Morocco, with no doubt, has turned out to be a very popular tourist destination filled with historical sites and cultural heritage. It is quite often that tourists from other countries head to Casablanca Continue reading