Perhaps, you have been dreaming of having a short city escape immersed in culture with museums, great restaurants or shopping opportunities. Or, you may want to have a very relaxing and enjoyable beach break with your loved ones which offers a lot of great activities. For these things, spending your vacation time in Morocco would be one of your greatest choices. So you should get ready for that very exciting multi-center holiday with a blend of everything for that truly unforgettable experience.

Top Holiday Destinations in Morocco

Casablanca is a nice place to have a holiday vacation to Morocco. This is a modern city and is the biggest one inside the country. It is also recognized as the economic center of Morocco. Those people who come to Casablanca may visit the biggest mosque within the country. The Hassan II Mosque is the recently constructed venue of worship that comes with a room that accommodates more than 25,000 persons and another 80,000 individuals in the courtyard.

From Casablanca, you can move to Tangier and that is a gorgeous port city in the North Atlantic sea having that bohemian charm that captivated a few of the most popular poets, painters, musicians and writers across the globe. The beautiful beaches & friendly people of Tangier people make this city a worthy stop. To know the taste of how the country combines the new with the old one, you can go straight to Marrakesh wherein you can find one of the biggest traditional open-air markets on the planet. This open-air market was called Djemaa el-Fna.

Aside from the common wares and foods, attractions that can be found here involve acrobats, snake charmers, dancers, traditional musicians and story tellers. Near the Djemaa el-Fna are numerous souks. The souk is the traditional market in Morocco that sells all types of wares and the visitors may start to bargain there for shoes, apparel, traditional clay pots from Morocco called tagines, lanterns, teapots and many more.

Les Bains de Marrakech is a hammam or bath house that you can also visit when you like to experience the historic Moroccan tradition. In this place, the vacationers could be bathed or massaged by the scrubbers that follow the age-old tradition. To have a much more relaxed holiday experience in Morocco, a day spent leisurely while picnicking or strolling in the Menara Garden is a nice choice. You would surely love the garden and its flowers, the orchards, lake and the groves. It comes with the snow-capped peaks of Atlas Mountains as the backdrop.

You can also visit the Majorelle Garden. Do not miss visiting Gueliz, a wonderful city where you can taste the finest cuisines with its stores, shopping centers and restaurants. From Marrakesh, it’s so easy to access the highest peaks of the country, the Atlas Mountains. You should also include a historical city in Morocco named Fez in your list of holiday destinations in Morocco.

So as you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to holiday destinations in Morocco. Choose the right one and enjoy!

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