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Thinking of Morocco Tour? Must Read!

If you are planning or thinking of a tour or vacation, Morocco is always one of the perfect places for sightseers; one reason is because of its historical, scenic places you shouldn’t miss. Since the place is all about its culture and heritage, visitors can have great luxury time with the utmost cultural experience that […]


Imperial cities of Morocco

Morroco is known as the home of four exotic yet historic imperial cities namely; Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat. An interesting fact is that all these four cities have been throned as the capital of the country and currently Rabat is holding the reins. Let us take a look you down memory lane of how […]

Trip from Marrakech to Fez

Spending your family vacation touring different places is a very memorable experience. The beauty of the places is seen and at the same time, the culture and tradition of the place is discovered. These places provide the kind of thrill and fun that all will be excited to experience. These provide a sense of amazement […]