Marrakech to the Sahara Desert tours

Marrakech to the Sahara Desert: Things to Know Before You Go

Rolling sand dunes, picturesque sunsets, and dazzling night skies are just some of the unforgettable things you can see on your Sahara desert tour. While the Sahara stretches across most of the North African continent, the infamous sand dune camelback trips are located in Merzouga and should be added to your itinerary when you visit […]


A tourist’s take on the wildlife of Morocco

By Meredith – Port Elizabeth, 20th October 2018. Morocco is synonymous with the Sahara Desert and camel adventures. This exotic North African country is also home to a number of interesting animals that you may experience during your visit. In this post animal lover, Meredith highlights some of her furry encounters during her two-week long […]

camel safari in Morocco

Why should you opt for a camel safari in Morocco?

Morocco is a land of mystery, value and intricate locations. It has a rich history of uncanny rules, but at the same time, people are amazed with the outstanding visuals, great architecture and unique locations that have impressed people decades upon decades. And what can be better than a camel safari in Morocco? Learn more […]