Morocco souvenirs shop

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Morocco – Morocco Souvenirs

Morocco has a very rich history dating back to the Paleolithic times sometimes between 190,000 and 90,000 BC. For this reason, the country is one of the best places worldwide with some amazing shops to buy and collect souvenirs which can be a great way of preserving memories after visiting Morocco. Souvenirs in Morocco range […]

Old Telouet kasbah, Morocco

7 Days Tour From Tangier to Marrakech, Fez and the desert

The tour begins from the north of Morocco, eg. from Tangier to Fez and with a visit to the imperial cities and the Sahara. On the first day, we will travel through the Rif mountains with its spectacular landscape. Visiting the blue city of Morocco is planned. Next day, we visit the capital of Morocco […]

Best Places to Stay in Morocco

Best Places to Stay in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco offers diverse accommodation, from traditional Riads to luxurious resorts. You can spend the night in a feudal kasbah in the beautiful south-east and the next night surrounded by mosaics and orange trees in a traditional riad in the medina or even in a desert camp under a thousand stars. Riads Riad […]