Jamaa el Fna, Marrakech

Morocco Tourism

Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco is a country that is located in the North Africa possessing a population of almost 34 million people. It has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, which reached past of the Strait of Gibralter into the Mediterranean Sea. Since the country is known for its rich history […]

Arabian Interior

Morocco Culture Facts

Countries around the world are unique in every aspect. The differences in the belief, norms, populations, and location are some of the diversities which every country have. Some countries have their own way of showing that they are unique from other countries and ethnicity. Take a look at Morocco’s interesting facts and be amazed at […]

History of Morocco

History of Morocco

Morocco is a country with a rich culture and history. The way of living of the people here in Morocco was influenced by the country’s ancient culture. But some part of their culture is attained from other culture. History is very important for us to know how things in a country begin, what are its […]