Fez - Stad in Marokko

Fez – City in Morocco

Fez is the second-largest city in Morocco (by population), after Casablanca. Fez is one of the royal northeastern cities in Morocco which is also known as the country’s cultural and spiritual center. Fez has gained its popularity because it has the best-preserved old city in Morocco, the rambling medina of Fes El Bali, with medieval […]

Travel Tips for Visiting Morocco

Visiting Morocco is a great experience for every traveler. It is indeed a great place to visit for its uniqueness and beauty. When visiting Morocco, it is quite wise to learn about the basic principle; therefore, you can get the most exciting experience. Dress Code – since Morocco is a Muslim country; it is advisable […]

Horse Riding in Morocco

Morocco Tourism Tips

Visiting this beautiful country for the first time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your adventure to the fullest. Morocco is located in the southern part of the Mediterranean; it has a unique combination of Arab, African, Berber, and also a slight European cultures and customs. As a visitor, you will experience the Muslim practice all […]